Ode to the Forgotten

Abhorred by many they refused us callously Comparable of cattle, ships brimmed with our brethren, facing this trial, this calvary Our Mother land glimmered brilliantly from afar Our hearts suffered incredibly, as she disappeared, she was no more They restrained our hands, our feet, setting us ablaze This chastisement, abuse, an infraction for not following […]

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As a Poet Burning Oneself Out 

Originally posted on Wuji Seshat:
My swirling wants no longer want The grammar of my soul has turned alchemic Themes written under duress have come and gone Passed, like the emptiness of notation Like art, after the generation of my audience Have died, the failure of criticism To detract from the journey I am a…

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I am tired

*Poetic Scenes From My Journal* I am tired… Tired of a system that claims it is ethical; yet the laws protect the chosen few and it’s acceptable Tired of the greed that keeps the poor from emerging into a higher position, just look at the prices of college tuition Tired of the dissolution among mankind, […]

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As Wings Float

** Who am I writing to?** Incandescent white glare Break forth beyond your dark surrounding …I stare You are a rod Your beauty the bait upon the hook I bite, I am lured away with every look Power to hypnotize, you leave me breathless Light that heals my soul, with its soft caress I feel […]

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