Toddler Wanderings

My beautiful son Robert Andrew- 11 months

Stop and smell the Roses?

*Crunch, crunch, crunch*

Familiarly, I welcomed the sound of his little shoes scraping the gravel; reminding me of the siblings before him, and their not so little feet anymore. The sun was bearing down on us heavily, as my eyes scanned the garden for a shaded place to lounge. The river brought a comforting breeze allowing the fragrant smell of grass, and flowers to greet  us.

“Dat mama?” — His way of curiously asking me what a tiny insect creeping hurriedly across a large rock was. This insect or bug, I had never seen before, camouflaging itself within the patterns of the rock so skillfully.

“Well it’s some form of creature, I am not sure what to call it.” I smiled and nodded, as if I were satisfied with not knowing, looking back I wish I had captured a photo and learned about that little fellow.

“Would you like to name it?” I asked Robert, gently.

“Yeah.” He nodded his head. “Dadu.”

Continuing his journey, he ran up paths, and down again, while pulling his hand away because he wants to be so independent. “I do it.” He shouts, while running to wherever his eyes found delight.

“Pretty.” He shouted as we walked past the flower bushes.

Robert loves flowers and birds! We stopped to glance at the flowers, admiringly, as he plucked a flower for his sister and ran to bring it to her; however he decided on the way, he’d rather keep it. A rose bush stood just a few inches away and caught his attention; although it was covered in thorns. Not an ounce of fear stood between him and this bush. He calmly leaned forward grabbing a branch and smelled it “Ahhhh” Robert sighed as he glanced at me with a great big smile.


I could see the light in him, that joy and excitement when you discover something satisfying for the first time. We adults have it now and then but we tend to abuse it and take away the delight.

It’s like having a favorite food, but you eat it too much and then you grow weary of it. 

My Mother used to always tell me “everything in moderation” and she was right.

When you are constantly doing the same things day after day, night after night; you will grow cold, tired, and bitter. Learning and discovering are meant to take your whole life, we’ve never arrived, we are always on a journey, we are always adapting or evolving.

Following around my little boy reminded me of the lens I forgot to look through, that dusty old lens I tossed away. I thank everything living spiritually or physically for our young, they are blessings sent to teach us many things we thought useless while we got distracted.

Until next time

stay blessed xo



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