We All Fall Down

Start, run, fall, get up, climb— lather, rinse, repeat..Yet still determined, avoiding defeatWe all fall down, shake it off, arise, fix your crown Waters arise, gloomily, trying to stifle, they torment Yet we learn to swim and rise, floating on seas, the conquered tears of lamentWe all fall down, shake it off, arise, fix your […]

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Her life had changed frightfully! An intense pinnacle of rhytmic vibrations streamed through her.. Once relinquished to her affiance, a vow so solid, concrete; “I shall never marry again.” Yet, here he was; this mystic, deific masterpiece. Sovereign, in mind, body and spirit. Majestically ruling his own monarchy. Quivering; yet enduring, dispossesing her vow, she […]

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Word Paint

I am an artist I may not provide you the physical art to possess; yet I shall leave you my words to digest Consume them, let each one illustrate, dance upon your soul, wittily Caress my soul, because now you know me Every inch of my conscience, inscribed upon pages I, an exhibit on display […]

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Twain Thoughts

Ah but what is courage?  For without fear one would never know.  Words are a way to convey emotions, without words, feelings or knowledge of them would be void. Courage is not the absence of fear! The word courage originated with the thought of the heart. The heart is considered the seat of emotions, thus […]

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Oh Edgar

For what is it to dream?  Poe brilliantly uses these words as a comparison, both completely reliant upon the other; disastrous apart. Perhaps, a paradox of sorts.  To dream by day  Setting goals or reaching for a destination of hope while being completely aware in a fully conscious state. One is in control, focused with […]

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Your Love

Your love is rapid billows of water upon arid soil; Indulging senses, currents of desire, you toil Your love is pleasant murmurs, a still breeze running through me; Resonant percussions echo through moments of timeless memories Copyright 2015 Josette Hansen

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This threshold, the boundary of my limit presently Lull me unceasingly to the edge breathlessly Gaze dropping, descending upon infinity Plummet into this infinite desolation willfully Deliverance, rescue from barren love Lease these wings, glide like doves Glimpse upon promises, elatedly, I smirk Recollection, shards of thoughts pierce me, they lurk

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Ode to the Forgotten

Abhorred by many they refused us callously Comparable of cattle, ships brimmed with our brethren, facing this trial, this calvary Our Mother land glimmered brilliantly from afar Our hearts suffered incredibly, as she disappeared, she was no more They restrained our hands, our feet, setting us ablaze This chastisement, abuse, an infraction for not following […]

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I am tired

*Poetic Scenes From My Journal* I am tired… Tired of a system that claims it is ethical; yet the laws protect the chosen few and it’s acceptable Tired of the greed that keeps the poor from emerging into a higher position, just look at the prices of college tuition Tired of the dissolution among mankind, […]

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As Wings Float

** Who am I writing to?** Incandescent white glare Break forth beyond your dark surrounding …I stare You are a rod Your beauty the bait upon the hook I bite, I am lured away with every look Power to hypnotize, you leave me breathless Light that heals my soul, with its soft caress I feel […]

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