Her life had changed frightfully! An intense pinnacle of rhytmic vibrations streamed through her.. Once relinquished to her affiance, a vow so solid, concrete; “I shall never marry again.” Yet, here he was; this mystic, deific masterpiece. Sovereign, in mind, body and spirit. Majestically ruling his own monarchy. Quivering; yet enduring, dispossesing her vow, she […]

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Toddler Wanderings

Stop and smell the Roses? *Crunch, crunch, crunch* Familiarly, I welcomed the sound of his little shoes scraping the gravel; reminding me of the siblings before him, and their not so little feet anymore. The sun was bearing down on us heavily, as my eyes scanned the garden for a shaded place to lounge. The […]

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Ten Quote Tuesday Writing Prompt: “I don’t remember my birthdays.”

Here are the choices: Writing Prompts Include all these elements into a scene: sports tickets, a candle, discouragement, and drawing. Have a scene with a self-conscious politician. Start your scene with this line: I don’t remember my birthdays. Here is the original post for the writing prompts: I drew inspiration for the protagonist from […]

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The News

This is for the writing prompt “Ten Quote Tuesday.” I chose the quote: “It had been at least a minute since he last blinked.” Here is a link to the original post: Ten Quote Tuesday      It had been at least a minute since he last blinked; he sat in silence across the table. She […]

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Forgive and Forget

     They say when you forgive, you’re supposed to forget. Kind of like wiping the slate clean; a fresh start. I think that it is easier with some people; as opposed to others. You know the kind I speak of. They are the ones who are always apologizing for the same shit. Yeah, those ones. […]

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     Peace: freedom from disturbance; a state of tranquillity.      Her emotions were still; like a small river bed on a dark starry night. Her tranquillity burned upon her; like the sun kissed ocean on a summer day. This was the feeling of a warm embrace; the kind that comes when you really need it. […]

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